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Reblets: Little REBOL Scripts

REBOL is an elegant little programming language that’s very powerful, and fairly easy to use and learn; however, it is unlike most other computer languages, so you need to think differently as you learn it.

The main concept of REBOL is that expressions consist of words and values put into blocks and arranged in any order. Yes, any order. That makes it possible to express not only code, but also data, and most important of all, data-driven code, which REBOL calls dialects.

The dialect concept is very powerful — even more so that that of object-oriented coding — because as humans we tend to think in “mini languages” that are related to the focus of our attention. You know, doctors speak their own lingo, so do mechanics, artists, chefs, engineers, journalists, fishermen, bikers… well, you name it.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to help you better understand how to write REBOL code by providing a range of useful examples. Along the way we’ll point out some of the special features of the language that make it so powerful, able to produce a range of useful results but without making your programs large and complex.

So, welcome again to the REBOL “How To” blog, Reblets!